The Dhammakaya Tradition
Founded by the Great Abbot of Wat Paknam Bhasicharoen, Phramongkolthepmuni (background picture), the Dhammakaya Knowledge was passed on to Khun Yai Chand Khonnokyoong (center), who in turn imparted the Knowledge to Luang Por Dhammajayo (left) and Luang Por Dattajeevo (right), the current Abbot and Vice-Abbot of Wat Phra Dhammakaya (the Dhammakaya Temple), Thailand.

Changing the World One Person at a Time

The teachings of Luang Por Dhammajayo have inspired millions of people around the world to perform good deeds and to cultivate their minds through meditation.  His campaigns for social reform have motivated thousands of people to give up smoking, drinking, gambling and other forms of vice.  His innovative teaching methods and communication skills have made Buddhism more visible and accessible to the general public than anyone in history. Today, Wat Phra Dhammakaya that he cofounded has become the world’s largest Buddhist temple with hundreds of centers around the world.  His home country Thailand is now the world’s center for Buddhism.

This website takes you into the life and achievements of Luang Por Dhammajayo and the Dhammakaya Knowledge, a profound meditation method that he teaches.


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A Moral Hero

Luang Por’s Story

Discoverer of the Dhammakaya Meditation Method

Khun Yai Chand Khonnokyoong
Founder of Wat Phra Dhammakaya

The Dhammakaya Knowledge

Wat Phra Dhammakaya

The Mind
What is Meditation?
Types of Meditation
Center of the Body
Seventh Base of the Mind
The Dhammakaya Tradition

Meditation Benefits

Luang Por’s Guided Meditation
Inner Experience
Relaxed and Alert
Seven Bases of the Mind
‘Stop’ Is the Key to Success
Five Hindrances
Calling Upon Your Merit

How to Meditate
Ten Daily Homeworks


Worldwide Dhammakaya Centers